Marble / Stone Handicrafts

     Aroma Lamps
     Bath Sets
     Book Ends
     Candle Stands
     Figures & Animals
     Flower Vases
     Games & Puzzles
     Incense Burner
     Pestle & Mortar
     Photo Frames
     Pot Pories
     Soap Dish

Beaded, Embroidery & Zardosi Handicrafts

     Cushion Covers
     Diary & Albums
     Purses & Pouches
     Picture & Mirror Frames
     Lamp Shades
     Coasters & Mats
     Wall Carpets
     X-mas Hangings
     Wall Panels


Our Craft, people, places and things....

However, as artisans we love to stay as puritans in our approach of design but never hesitate to adopt new trends and techniques. To meet the demands of our most discerning buyers dotted across the globe, we draw inspiration from rich and exuberant cultures of the world, making rugs, which complete in prices and survive fashion trends. Weaving and design talents we nurture, have tremendous sense of colour and style forecasts. Having right sync with their counterparts abroad, helps them in hitting the season with the colours and styles, which sell.

Our headquarters at Agra remain abuzz with development activity based on constant feeds from the buying countries and this helps us in keeping our product line trendy and supply schedules faultlessly on time.

Apart from the accolades and appreciations we get from our buyers, our business and craft is regularly appreciated and awarded by our government too. This boosts our morals and raises people's expectations about us, which we love to fulfil year after year.

Our eyes, ears, brains

Mool Chand Sharma, 81 year old patriarch, a veteran craftsman and Chairman of the group, remains our heart and soul.
The man of a modest start, he has always believed that its people are the real wealth of a company.

Ramesh C Sharma, managing director and principal merchandiser, steers SIPL business on global front. He is instrumental in financial allocation and guides the design developers about upcoming global trends.

Prakash C Sharma, director-in-charge of SIPL's rugs and carpets divisions, also looks after sourcing and forwarding departments meeting all deadlines faultlessly. He takes a keen interest in staff welfare.


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