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Period Arts & Us....

Arts have always inspired people and influenced civilizations. Arts of the Moghul Period India too, have cast their own spell over the masses. Zardosi, Stone carvings and inlay were profusely practiced by artisans and are visible in the monument and other artifacts of the period.

We-the Sharma family of Agra- traditional practitioners of such crafts, and sculptors, have carried forward the excellence of stone carving and inlay craft down the generations.

Of late, we fancied of making lifestyle and home utility goods embellished with our traditional art to give a twist to the family business, and it worked.

Our products were welcomed worldwide and our business went under transformation during the last decade.

....unite to form a working reality

Arts and crafts being individuali
stic occupations are tough to convert into organized production enterprises but becoming a bit easier if artisans themselves do it.

With whatever we had, a mod
est enterprise was floated on a 300 sq. mts. area where artisans and designers could be threaded into a continuous workflow.

Within a few years, an expansion became quite evident, and we added another 2000 sq. mts. and just another decade passed, before we could annex another 14000 sq. mts. to accommodate our growth.



In the rhyme of the real estate expansion, tooling, design and staff development too paced up and now SIPL-our flagship company, runs dedicated to produce the top quality artifacts on custom deadlines.

Today, SIPL owns two expansive work units at Agra, one Showroom in New Delhi and is run by the active participation of its directions, who themselves are artisans.

The period art of embellishment

Sequins and beads studded on silks, cottons and a variety of fabrics among the finely needled embroidery of colourful or metallic threads...Home utility and decorative products fabricated with those embellished pieces of cloth...the tradition of this art goes back again to the Moghul period, when such objects decorated the homes of not only high and mighty, but also the common folk. Apart from the decorative objects the art was lavishly used on the dresses of men and women while the rich and noble had it done in real silver and gold threads.

Zardosi- as the craft came to be known in history, has never died ever since. Artisans of north India have kept it alive and enriched it with new aesthetic variants with the changing times. SIPL branches out into Zardosi art as its longtime commitment towards promoting regional handicrafts of north India.