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The inspiration....

Immortal arts of the world have always inspired people and influenced civilizations. Stone craft of Agra too has survived many centuries and enriched itself in the process. Practiced during Moghul period it is best seen in the world famous heritage monument of Taj. Intricate carvings and stone inlays are its hallmarks, while patterns are inspired by the elements of nature.

We-the Sharma family of Agra- traditional practitioners of the craft and sculptors, have carried forward the excellence of the craft down the generations.

Of late, we fancied of making lifestyle and home utility goods embellished with our traditional art to give a twist to the family business, and it worked.

Our products were welcomed worldwide and our business went under transformation during the last decade.

     ... and its Conversion
     into Reality

Arts and crafts being individualistic occupations are tough to convert into organized production enterprises but becoming a bit easier if artisans themselves do it.

With whatever we had, a modest enterprise was floated on a 300 sq. mts. area where artisans and designers could be threaded into a continuous workflow.

Within a few years, an expansion became quite evident, and we added another 2000 sq. mts. and just another decade passed, before we could annex another 14000 sq. mts. to accommodate our growth.

In the rhyme of the real estate expansion, tooling, design and staff development too paced up and now SIPL-our flagship company, runs dedicated to produce the top quality artifacts on custom deadlines.



Doctrines and Dogmas

1. All arts is an imitation of nature. We love to stay close to nature, because it loves to stay closer to life and art!

2. Living in harmony with nature and absorbing it as much as one can for a better health, serenity and peace.

3. In fast developing urban societies, the civilization is moving away from nature, which is no less than a sin!

4. This is the time a sensible city dweller should have a little more of nature in his life.

5. Help him choose. Give him the products that are 100% natural.



Our Craft, Our People

Our people are integral to our craft, a real asset for us artisans. They help us perpetuate the great tradition of the period art we practice, and rather add new dimensions to it.

SIPL management ensures that they work in a hygienic and cordial environment and possess a good physical and mental health.

Our HRD is strict about staff welfare programs being implemented and benefits distributed to them in time.
Apart from this we encourage frequent informal sessions for discussing individual and inter departmental issues where staff members get together like a family. This freedom of expression promotes creativity, keeps them in good humor and in turn enhances efficiency.



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