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Weaving, our another art

Being a traditional artisans family helps, even when looking beyond the regular area of ones craftsmanship. Having been in carving and inlay crafts for many generations and exporting them to world over for about 30 years, we gradually branched out into weaving. We were soon noticed by our world clients, because of our outstanding treatment of the craft.

Kept Closer to Nature

We prefer to stay closer to nature by using natural and bio-degradable fibers in our rugs and durries as far as we can. Weaves and patterns are inspired by various world traditions fused with current floor covering fashions. At times we return to our favorite floral and leafy patterns and enjoy inventing new weaves.


For a perfect living

"The goal of life is living in harmony with nature"-said Zeno in 342 BC, we believe it today and have made it the guiding philosophy of our business. Having nature in our life provides us peace, health and serenity. We are doing our bit by having a pertiality towards using natural materials in our craft and putting it back into peoples life.

Inspires our life

Craftsmanship is the living for us artisans, we live our art and celebrate it to the fullest. Our craft inspires us to create and inspiration in turn lead to newer crafts. In this happy any and contented cycle rests our growth and business. At SIPL, invest in talent and manpower to keep creative standards high. Our headquarters at Agra, its branches and ancillaries are all equipped to keep the deadlines in place.

In fibers of wide variety

Natural and bio-degradable fibers and materials are a preference. We weave wonderful patterns in cottons, wools, jute, hemp, grass and rayons and of course, in a variety of mixes of above and rag rugs. We look forward to when demand of the natural material rugs would soar high, as for now, we use synthetics and leather only on demand.


Patterns for world appeal

For weave patterns, colourtones, and design motifs we look around us, our heritage and also to the world at large. The earth is raft with cultural and artistic variations and we happy to draw our lifeblood from it, though at times improvising for better. This speaks for the world appeal our creation exude and the speed with which they disappear in various the nooks and corners of the world.

Shaping up our craft

"Weaving, to us is like composing music out of supple fibers with finer notes of cultural traditions."

Though a strong believer in folk cultures and art we also look forward to the modern and contemporary. While working in classical Indian patterns and motifs, we remain fully receptive of the newest trends of geometric shapes and also to local aesthetics of the different parts of the world. Fusion of cultures have always given rise to impressive creations and we get fascinated by the sheer variety of it! Each new day is a fresh chance to learn and we feel fortunate to be on the center stage.

Nurturing the Upcoming Talents

"Every child is born artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up."
 --Pablo Picasso(1881-1973)

We address the problem rather obliquely by making the work environment enjoyable for our artisans.

Our HRD/Staff Welfare takes care of artisan's families by promoting their natural talents through craft workshops & learn-n-play sessions. This particularly helps younger minds in keeping the artistic streak alive and hold their traditional family art in high esteem.

As they grow up, their employment worries are taken over by SILP Human Resources Department, as most of them become ready to serve their traditional artform by performing with passion and perfection.

This also infuses freshness and variety into our art practices and is the real secret behind our on time delivery schedules in a manpower intensive business. As compared to other traditional weaver communities in surrounding areas our home grown talents have better education and training to perform, and this shows quite evidently, in our products i.e. rugs and durries.



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